Saturday, September 4, 2010


Let's do a Challenge in honor of Labor Day!!

Card or Layout (size is up to you) - You have until the 11th (one week) to either commemorate someone hard working in your life, or to thank those who have worked for you in the past - you can adjust the idea a little to fit your particular need - but remember Labor Day is about those working men and women who keep the country running non stop!

Prize: one random grab bag from the store - free shipping etc!

Leave a link in the comment section below!

Enter as many times as you like - you have one week after all! - the winner will be chosen randomly =)


  1. My husband is a Med-Evac helicopter pilot. He works 12 hour shifts and is put in high stress situations to help others in need. I did this layout about him wearing out his boots!

  2. Teresa Jaye, your layout is so nice! I like how you did the letters. Thanks to your husband for the work he does. I live in West Texas, where there are many small towns and remote places- the Med-Evac helicopters are much used and appreciated here.

  3. My 3 boys got together and put a new A/C unit on my house for me. We had to rent a crane to get the new unit up and the old unit down. My 2 page LO is of the "New A/C UP" and the "Old A/C Down". It was over 100 that day and they all worked so hard. Thanks to them and thanks to you for looking.