Friday, May 27, 2011

Altered Containers!

I promised a couple of fun posts with Dawn's work.. and here are some fantastic Altered Containers!!

The first is a matchbook style note book - super small but super cute to have for notes and to send as gifts!

The second is one of those small orange buckets from Home Depot -- that she turned into a GIFT CARD HOLDER!!!

And my personal favorite... a Laughing Cow Cheese container!!

Fancy Pants Delight Kit - Retail: $25.21 - BSD: $10/99 --comes with PAPER, TRANSPARENCIES and BUTTONS--
Various Bling by KnCO - up to 75% off! --check out GEMS, BRADS, and RHINESTONES--
Flowers by Prima & Petaloo --tons of COLORS and tons of STYLES--

Don't be scared to get creative, folks! Dawn made a fantastic little container out of something most of us would throw away! Next time wash out that plastic bottle or flatten that cardboard box and hold onto them for a rainy day!! -DeeDee

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 Page layouts by Dawn!

Hello everybody!! We have some fantastic works coming up over the next couple of weeks by long term designer Dawn!! She has been putting out so much amazing work (and I may be slacking a little..) that I'm separating it into a few posts!!

here are some fantastic 2 page layouts by Dawn:

Scenic Route Appleton Grab Bag - Retail: $30.00 - BSD: $11.99
other personal supplies used

Bazzill Cardstock - BSD offers a $15 monthly kit clubLinkFancy Pants Delight Kit - Retail: $25.21 - BSD: $10.99
Prima Say It In Studs - Retail: $3.99 - BSD: $3.19
Other personal supplies used

Check out the closeup of the shoes photo, which Dawn printed black and white and added a pop of color herself!!! She used a Qtip and one of her favorite stamp pads to give them the correct color!! Such a great "look at me" technique!!

Great work, Dawn!! Hope you all enjoyed looking at her work :) -DeeDee