Friday, May 27, 2011

Altered Containers!

I promised a couple of fun posts with Dawn's work.. and here are some fantastic Altered Containers!!

The first is a matchbook style note book - super small but super cute to have for notes and to send as gifts!

The second is one of those small orange buckets from Home Depot -- that she turned into a GIFT CARD HOLDER!!!

And my personal favorite... a Laughing Cow Cheese container!!

Fancy Pants Delight Kit - Retail: $25.21 - BSD: $10/99 --comes with PAPER, TRANSPARENCIES and BUTTONS--
Various Bling by KnCO - up to 75% off! --check out GEMS, BRADS, and RHINESTONES--
Flowers by Prima & Petaloo --tons of COLORS and tons of STYLES--

Don't be scared to get creative, folks! Dawn made a fantastic little container out of something most of us would throw away! Next time wash out that plastic bottle or flatten that cardboard box and hold onto them for a rainy day!! -DeeDee

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