Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Blanche Alterable Octagon Boxes!

The thing I love about Art Blanche... is that it's WHITE chipboard. Don't get me wrong, I love kraft as much as the next vintagy girl - but the clean crisp white board that Art Blanche uses to make their alterables is so wonderful to work with! It's very inspiring have an absolutely blank canvas to work with.

The octagon boxes I have to show you today come in a set of three that are all different sizes.

I started with the shortest, widest octagon and I decided to go very vintage inspired with it (be sure to keep an eye out for the other two in future weeks.. they're all going to be SO different!)

Art Blanche Octagons - Retail: $25.97 - BSD: $9.99
Distress Ink - Retail: $4.99 - BSD: $3.99
Fancy Pants Grab Bag - Retail: $39.50 - BSD: $16.99
other personal supplies used

These octagons are so cool to have - and the body of them is GLOSSY so alcohol ink takes to them WONDERFULLY (hint on the next one I have to share!) Enjoy! -DeeDee